Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013



Well, as this is basically the most uninspiring word  I could have used for beginning my introduction let me clear something: I'm the worst at introducing myself. Seriously, the worst.

So, after this more or less awkward anecdote I would like to tell you something about myself- or rather this blog.

I basically created this blog to write about something I love: travelling.
I'm not one of these people spending their whole life travelling. I'm not on holiday every other month and I haven't been to too many places. Yet, I still like travelling.

I wanted to create this blog to share my travel experiences with you or maybe even as a little travel guide. You may think now (by the way, I clearly doubt that anybody is even reading this) that there are enough travel guides on the market which are much more detailed than my blog- and yes you're right about this.
I personally have to admit that I stopped buying these guidebooks as they don't tell me about the places I'd like to see.
Maybe you know what I'm taking about...if you go on holiday you do not only want the see all of the typical tourist spots. You want to explore the country, see what it is REALLY like there. Of course, it's part of every journey to visit these tourist attractions, but what is really interesting are the hidden spots, the places... you won't read about in your guidebook. These are the things that will make your holiday.

In my blog I will write about both: the better known attractions and the relatively unknown places I've already been to.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog.
And at this point: sorry for the long and awkward introduction.

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